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First review shows that it’s definitely not a site for everyone. Just visit it and you will immediately understand why. First, most dating platforms are showing pictures of singles who managed to find their love on this particular website. The design is usually light and to be honest a bit fluffy. site immediately shows that it is for people who are looking for something different. The design shows thematic pictures of couples who appreciate BDSM. The design is very stylish and appropriate, made with taste. It clearly gives away the goal of why it as created. Second, in the description of the site, you can find information about this platform. 

Pros and Cons 

In this Alt dating website review, we will see what are the advantages and disadvantages of considering that this is a platform for adult dating. Let’s start with the pros.




Alt dating site even hints that site is not for everyone with the name – alt, which stands for alternative dating. We all have needs and, someone just wants to find someone to date and build romantic bonds, others are seeking for something different. You won’t register on Tinder to find someone who is into BDSM or other erotic practices – you won’t find who you need. Of course, on there is such a possibility, but the chances are pretty low. 

On site, you have good chances to find an individual who will fit your sexual needs. If other websites are creating different quizzes to make sure that people’s personalities match, website goes further and tries to offer you those candidates who will meet your sexual desires. The goal is, of course, to connect two different individuals so that they will fit each other’s needs. Site Review

But as you may understand, in theory, everything is great, but what about reality? That’s why you need to read this review of Alt, so that you will find out more about features. Before registering, you might want to find out is a top dating site for adults, or you should find something else. 

Easy to Use

Below you can find detailed information about the registration process, profiles and fees on If you want to explore alternative sexual practices, such as bondage, kinky BDSM play, foot, gay or other fetishes, then is a place for you. Dating site Alt has a worldwide community of people who want to explore other sexual practices. You can find a girlfriend or a boyfriend in your city, or you can start dating online and then see each other in person. 

All the features of site are designed that way so you can actually see each other. has a web chat where you can communicate with the individual you like and feel attracted to. There are people who are experienced in bondage and BDSM, and there are also people who would love to find out more about such practices. You can find exactly who you need. 

You can use to find a partner for no-strings-attached sex, or you can try and find a person with whom you can build your future. 


It’s simple to register on, it won’t take long. You don’t have an option to sign in via Facebook, but still, you will create an account within five minutes. The registration has five steps, you need to enter such data as who are you looking for, your gender, email address, age, etc. Then you can proceed with creating your profile. 

Profile creation will take a while since you have to include such data as your preferences in sex, what is your level of experience in such practices as BDSM, kinky fetishes, etc. You have to add as much information as possible since that way you’ll have a higher chance to meet an individual who can satisfy your needs. 


Some online dating sites allow you to view profiles for free. It’s completely logical since everyone wants to view photos of registered people before creating an account and wasting precious time. Well, site does not allow you to view profiles and pictures, they are viewable only after signing in. Perhaps, such measure is included since most pictures are 18+ and developers don’t want children to see them. 

Most profiles are real since they are detailed and have different photos of the same person which means that they are not stolen from the Internet. And of course, website has some measures to ensure that users are real. 

Contacting People 

This is a tricky category for one reason – you have to upgrade your account to Premium if you want to receive and send messages. This is a disadvantage. Just imagine – an individual who might be a match for you, but who has a free account, had written you something to check whether the site is good. But you don’t see the message since he is a free user. This person will most likely abandon site because you didn’t reply. 

On the other hand, this feature protects users from people who are immature and want to troll other people. But you need to know that it’s a waste to contact someone before you upgrade account to premium. is not the best free dating site for serious relationships since it’s paid, but that’s rather good than bad.  

Distinguished Features 

As is not an ordinary dating site where you simply seek for someone you can fall in love with and start dating, the platform needs to have some specific features to help people find each other. These features include deciding whether the photo is hot or not. It’s like a small game, you see pictures of real users one by one, and you need to choose who is hot so you can contact him or her later. It reminds you Tinder. 

Astrological compatibility test allows you to find out whether you and your partner (who you found on the site) are compatible. In the testimonials section, other users can write about your distinct personality traits. Of course, you can write descriptions of other users as well. But one of the most important features is the Kinks section. Yes, here you can describe your preferences so that other people will see them.  

Depending on the information given in the last section, you will be offered with a list of recommended people who have similar preferences or who can satisfy your desires. Such website allows you to seek for ladies and gentlemen, couples or people with other sexual orientation who can fit your desires. site is legit, it’s not scam. Although there are some scammers on the website, so be very careful. 


As it was mentioned above, prices are reasonable. There are golden and silver subscriptions, first are more expensive but have additional features. The cheapest way to buy a subscription to pay for twelve months. If you are buying a golden membership, then 18 months of using platform will cost you 185 dollars, which means that you pay around ten dollars a month. If you buy a monthly golden subscription, you pay almost 23 dollars. 

Also, if you are planning to use website for a while, then it’s better to buy at least a three-month membership. But you can start with one month to make sure that there are people who can match your preferences. 


Overall website is good but not the best. has scammers and people who are looking for everything but not trustworthy relationships. Some users are a bit too annoying but you can add them to your blacklist. But you can find people who will satisfy your preferences. reviews found on the Internet show that even though there are scammers, you can find love and trust on 

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