Peculiarities Of Dating Japanese Women: Things You Need To Know

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Beautiful and charming Japanese women are often on the radars of men from abroad. Mysterious Japanese girls definitely know the secret of staying youthful for a long time; they are kind and sexy in a natural way. No wonder a man from abroad wants to encounter a Japanese woman to start serious romantic relationships. About Japanese women dating – read the article below.

Most men understand, though, that Japanese singles are different from singles in other countries. This article covers some of these differences. You should learn more about a typical charming Japanese girl after reading this simple guide.

Best Japanese Girls Profiles

Kanna 22 y.o.
Location Kyoto
Akira 23 y.o.
Location Tokyo
Masako 25 y.o.
Location Osaka

How to Meet with Japanese Ladies

Here are some tips on how to meet Japanese ladies:

  1. Join Japanese dating sites: There are many dating sites specifically for Japanese singles that you can join to increase your chances of meeting Japanese ladies. Some popular ones include JapanCupid, Pairs, and Omiai.
  2. Attend Japanese cultural events: Check out local events and festivals that celebrate Japanese culture, such as cherry blossom festivals, anime conventions, and Japanese food fairs. This is a great way to meet Japanese ladies who share your interests.
  3. Join language exchange programs: Many Japanese ladies are interested in learning English and would appreciate a language exchange partner. Look for language exchange programs in your area, or join online groups where you can connect with Japanese speakers.
  4. Visit Japan: If you have the means and opportunity, traveling to Japan is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and meet Japanese ladies in person. You can visit popular tourist destinations or explore off-the-beaten-path areas to meet locals.

Some popular Japanese dating sites, where you can meet with Japanese Ladies:

Site Name Membership Cost Number of Members Features
🇯🇵 JapanCupid 💰 Starting at $10 per month 👥 Over 700,000 members 🔎 Advanced search, 💬 instant messaging, 🎥 video chat, 🌐 translation services, 📱 mobile app, 🔖 CupidTags
🍐 Pairs 💰 Starting at $39.99 for one month 👥 Over 10 million members 🔎 Advanced search, 💬 instant messaging, 📱 mobile app, 🚀 FastMatch feature
👩‍❤️‍👨 Omiai 💰 Starting at $35 for one month 👥 Over 2.5 million members 🔎 Advanced search, 💬 instant messaging, 🎥 video chat, 📱 mobile app, 🔖 Match concierge service

How Dating Japanese Singles Differs From Other Asian Women

If you’re interested in a Japanese woman, you may be curious about what makes a girl from Japan different from other girls from Asia. Here is a simple table that explains the differences and similarities between ladies from Asia. 

CountryCasual dating.Jealousy when in serious relationships.Family-orientedness.Splitting the bill.Sex before marriage.
JapanUncommon.Uncommon.Yes.Quite often.Yes.
ChinaUncommon.Yes.Yes.Uncommon.Yes, but uncommon.
IndiaYes.Yes.Yes.Rarely.Yes, but uncommon.

Tips From Experts: How To Meet And Date Woman From Japan

If you want to attract and hot Japanese women, you must research the dating culture in Japan. It’s similar to the dating process in most countries. These similarities include finding a partner, dating for some time, moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, having kids, etc. However, dating a Japanese woman is different in some aspects. 

Japanese mail order bride

While it’s uncommon to be persistent when approaching a woman in the west to not seem like a stalker, it’s OK when it comes to approaching Japanese girls. However, it’s a simplified explanation. This is why you should check out a few general tips that may help you navigate the world of courting a lady in Japan.

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Be Kind And Attentive

Japanese girls admire attentive and caring guys who go out of their way for them (although most ladies like such behavior). Always wear a smile when talking to Japanese women. People who smile are closer and like each other more, and they look more approachable rather than aloof and cold. 

Making a woman in Japan laugh is usually quite appealing in their minds. Given that no one is perfect, a happy and lively personality may compensate for many shortcomings and make a date or a relationship much better. Bring out your funniest side, and you’ll have it on the boat. Be kind all the way!

Be Initiative

Women in Japan aren’t into taking the initiative. As a result, it is critical that you be the one who approaches and conquers them. Show your interest by sending text messages, calling, or scheduling a first or second date. Nothing is better than a lovely and passionate confession of interest! That’s how western men can melt the hearts of sexy Japanese women.

This also works with other ladies. A typical American girl may be woke, but she still believes a guy is the one to show interest first. Girls in Japan want honest, passionate men who are not hesitant to express their feelings and desires. It’s actually very sexy!

If you want a success story with a woman in Japan, take the initiative. They have a strong dislike towards immature and juvenile men. You must be confident in your desires and determined as if nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. They will not date guys who treat them as though they are their moms. 

Take Good Care Of Oneself

Taking good care of yourself is important in Japan. Japanese women and men use various skin care products, makeup, nice clothing, etc. Looking good means having a good personality. Thus, if people from abroad seem shaggy and untidy, Japanese women for marriageimmediately assume that their personalities are bad.

If you want to date foreigners in Japan and have a steady romantic relationship, start by making a good first impression. Ladies in Japan place a significant value on cleanliness and tidy looks. Men who are sloppy or do not take care of their personal hygiene will not be liked by these ladies.

It’s also worth mentioning that a date is considered a special occasion. Thus, you must wear something special to make a good first impression. Account for these cultural differences. 

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Be Respectful

When you meet Japanese women and people from this country in general, you will notice how they talk. They rarely raise their voices or laugh loudly when having fun. It’s considered inappropriate to be too loud. A typical Japanese woman may think you are disrespectful when you’re too loud.

If you meet women in Japan and have a successful date and overall romantic relationship, learn more about respect in this country. It’s a specific concept or even a set of rules. People must respect their culture, elders, and each other. There are guidelines on how to behave to make a good impression. 

Japanese bride

Success stories - Japanese Women

Success Story #1 Image
Maverick and Adalynn AsianMelodies logo
Maverick and Adalynn had both been single for quite some time and were looking to meet someone special. After being set up on a few blind dates, neither of them found the connection they were looking for. They decided to try their luck with an online dating site and it paid off in more ways than one! Maverick was instantly drawn to Adalynn’s profile - her bright eyes, contagious smile, and witty personality made him feel like he already knew her. He sent her a message introducing himself and inviting her out on a date. She happily accepted his offer, feeling the same magnetic pull towards Maverick that he felt towards her. From then on out things moved quickly between Maverick and Adalynn – within months they were living together in his cozy studio apartment; within two years they had gotten married.
Success Story #2 Image
Thomas and Brielle EasternHoneys logo
Thomas and Brielle had both been single for a while, but they weren't sure how to go about finding someone special. They each tried several blind dates, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. After much searching, they decided to give an online dating site a try. When Thomas saw Brielle's profile he was immediately taken by her beautiful smile and friendly demeanor in her pictures. He sent her a message introducing himself, and soon enough the two began messaging back and forth every day. At first it was just small talk: what their favorite movies were, if they liked outdoor activities or preferred indoor ones - anything that would help them get to know one another better without making things too serious too fast. Soon enough though their conversations became more intimate as they shared stories from their pasts and childhood experiences with each other. It didn't take long before Thomas felt something different than he ever had before when talking with someone else and asked her out on a date! Fast forward three years later now - they getting married last year during a beautiful ceremony.

Where To Meet Beautiful Japanese Women

If you’re into foreign women from Japan, you may want to learn how to find them. One of the obvious options is using online dating platforms. Another good idea is to visit Japan since it’s such a beautiful country. We shall cover both these options in the following section. If you don’t know, do Japanese women like American men – this article will answer this question.


The beauty of using online dating apps to find ladies (Asian, Eastern, Western ladies, etc.) is that it’s extremely easy. The app does everything instead of you: it chooses a list of the best potential partners, and you can choose the one who attracts you the most.

Another great thing is that you won’t have to learn the Japanese language. Most women who use international dating apps speak the English language. So, apps save time, they are convenient and easy to use, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to travel to the said country and go in blind. You may still visit the country, but only after meeting the right lady. 

Here are a few options to use:

Choose only reliable apps to ensure your safety. 


If you desire to meet Asian women without using an international dating site, then travel to the country. The obvious destination point would be Tokyo, but there are other great cities. The full list of cities to visit looks as follows:

It may be easier to find Japanese women not looking for Japanese men easier by using dating apps. On the bright side, visiting Tokyo or any other city should be a great and fascinating experience. Note: under 30% of the population can speak the English language.

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Japanese Women: Everything You Need To Know 

Many Japanese women attract attention with their exotic beauty. It is unusual for people from the West. However, if you want to establish relationships with a Japanese woman, you should learn more about Japanese girls. This section covers a few common peculiarities related to Japanese singles. You should be able to picture a Japanese girl in your mind after this article. 

Japanese Are Traditional

Typically, foreign girls from Asia, Eastern or Central Europe, and Latin America, are rather family-oriented. An American man is often interested in Japanese dating because of this reason. Girls from this country have a clear focus on achieving success in life. Their path includes getting a good education, finding the right job, marrying a great partner, and eventually having children.

It’s Not Just About Kawaii

A typical foreign guy who likes anime may think that Japanese dating includes talking to an extremely cute and shy Japanese girlfriend. Even though Japanese wives tend to be cute, it’s not only about their cuteness. The culture in Japan is much richer, and it’s your task to learn more about it. Many people in the country get offended when foreigners can’t remember anything but anime and kawaii when referring to the country’s traditions. 

Respect And Good Manners

A typical girl for marriage in Japan may seem shy and reserved. However, it’s part of the respect culture in the country. It’s a tradition you may not encounter anywhere else in the world. Western guys notice that ladies in the said country rarely raise their voices when arguing. They barely laugh loudly. It’s part of the respect tradition. You don’t want to invade someone’s privacy by being loud. 

Beauty And Youth

It’s not to say that Western women aren’t beautiful and youthful, but when you meet Japanese singles, you understand that they are not beautiful in the same way. Girls in Japan are more about being cute and youthful. They don’t try to be obviously sexy. When talking to Japanese women, they explain that if they aren’t obviously sexy but cute, they seem more youthful.

Mentality Differences

It’s always more difficult to spend time with foreign girls because of the differences in the background, views, etc. Every western man needs some basic knowledge about the mentality of the women he wants to date. Many women have some things in common, but they are also very different. If you want to get married to a Japanese woman, know these peculiarities. 

Japanese woman

Meet with the Best Japanese Girls

Location Chiang Mai
Age 25
Hobbies Ballroom dancing
Children 1
English level B1
Weight 63
Height 172

Reasons Why Western Men Date Japanese Girls

Many Japanese girls attract the attention of foreign males when they are ready to get married. But what about other Japanese dating reasons? A typical Japanese girl is extremely attractive and sexy in a natural way, but that’s not the only reason. Check out a few common reasons why men choose Japanese singles.

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Many men are interested in Japanese women because of their unique beauty. When you live your entire life in a country with most people looking similarly to you, beauties from Asia seem unusual, charming, and ethereal. That’s why a man may look forward to courting a Japanese woman. Most Japanese girls are eager to meet foreigners too, so it’s convenient. That’s why Japanese dating happens. 

Beauty And Uniqueness

Most Japanese women are known for having unique and uncommon beauty. We all want to marry like-minded people, but appearance is just as important. A typical Japanese woman takes great care of herself. Most Japanese girls use various skin care products to look great and glowy. A Japanese girl radiates femininity and good care, that’s why a foreigner easily falls for her. 

Charming Nature Of Japanese Brides

A typical girl in Japan is different from ladies in the rest of the world. Guys often get attracted to Japanese chicks because of their femininity and amazing charm. Typically, hot Japanese girls flirt, but they make it subtle. A typical girl from the said country has an amazing sense of humor and is kind and generous. That’s why a foreigner may fall for her charm. 

Traditional Values

Most foreign guys seek out the attention of foreign women because of their traditional family values. When most guys in the world are ready to settle down and consider marriage, they want to find ladies who want the same. A typical girl in Japan wants to have a family with kids. That’s one of the main reasons why a typical foreigner is interested in a girl from the said country. 

Interest In Japanese Culture

If a man is attracted to a Japanese woman, he may like the culture and traditions of the said country. People in Japan are traditional, they raise happy children, and they have respect in marriage. These are reasonable reasons to be willing to date Japanese girls. Relationship with foreigners doesn’t appall them, so it’s worth a shot to test your luck. 

Japanese wife

What Kind Of Men Do Japanese Ladies Like?

You may learn that Japanese women prefer taller guys. Typically, around 5.7 ft or taller. The good news is that even if you’re shorter, you can charm her with your personality and confidence. Most Japanese girls prefer to date men who are:

These simple tips should make you successful among Japanese women. They like men who respect them and their country. They also prefer confident men who know what they want and have something to offer in return. 

  • 9.4

Do Japanese Women Make Good Wives? 

As a man from abroad, you probably can’t picture what attractive Japanese women are like as wives. A lady might be a great dater, but she lacks the attributes that make her a good wife. Fortunately, this is not the case with Japanese people and women from the country in general. These babes are among the most sought-after wives in entire Asia for foreign guys.

There are several factors that make Japanese girls ideal for marriage. Here are these factors:

Girls from Japan are really honest and have never hidden their true feelings. Instead, they are used to expressing themselves. Thus, you will know immediately if something is wrong, which is good for preserving a marriage.

They are talented cooks with natural mother instincts. They are equally committed to the marriage’s success as you are.

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hot Japanese woman


Many Japanese women attract men from abroad because of their exotic looks and femininity. It’s also about Japanese culture which influences life in Japan. People are traditional, family-oriented, and extremely wise. You can start dating Japanese girls by using an international or a Japanese dating site. 

You may also opt for visiting the country. Visiting Tokyo is certainly a great experience. However, it’s easier to communicate online because not many people from the said country easily communicate in English. The situation is slightly different on online apps, where women speak the English language.


What are some common misconceptions about courting Japanese ladies?

Dating a Japanese doesn’t mean you 100% have to give her an engagement ring. People here establish a serious relationship, then see whether they fit, and only then do they consider marriage. Most foreigners believe that in real life, people in the said country behave like in anime or Japanese dramas, which is false. Avoid referring to TV series when describing what you know about the country.

What are some tips for courting Japanese women?

When asking out a foreign woman on a date, most men assume immediately they are the ones to cover the bill. However, it’s different in Japan. When you meet in real life, a Japanese lady may want to pay for herself since it’s common in her home country. When a foreigner is able to meet Japanese women and ask one out, he shouldn’t argue if she wants to pay for herself.

What are some things to avoid when dating a Japanese woman?

Most women in Japan don’t like loud people. They also won’t like you if you boast about beeing a foreigner. You may have an advantage for being a foreign guy, but try not to show off. A typical Japanese man is respectful and a proper gentleman, thus she expects you to be as proper. When you meet a woman in real life after dating online, avoid trying to hug her. Let her feel more comfortable around you.

What are some common Japanese dating customs?

A typical Japanese lady prefers to know ho much she has to pay after a date. If you meet Japanese women, they might ask you how much money they should pay for her part of the meal. It’s quite common in life, and a guy from abroad may be shocked.

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