The Strength and Resilience of Bulgarian Women

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Many people wonder what Bulgarian women look like. We have long avoided answering such questions because it is difficult to reduce the appearance of all representatives to a common denominator. Nevertheless, we can tell you about some peculiarities of Bulgarian ladies’ appearance.

We should mention one thing right away. Of course, all girls from Bulgaria look different and none of them looks exactly like our description. If you look at the crowd of Bulgarians, it is likely that eight out of ten girls will have at least one of the described features, and let’s say 40% will have at least two features. Now we’re going to answer “Why are Bulgarians so beautiful”?

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What Do Bulgarian Women Look Like and What Is Their Personality?

Bulgarians often look older than their years-at least judging by the condition of their skin. Whether it’s smoking or neglecting sun protection, it’s hard to say, but usually, girls over 30-35 have pretty dry skin and pronounced wrinkles. But, of course, a lot depends on self-care, genetics, and lifestyle.

Tuning is popular. People don’t seem to be too keen on injections, although with time many of them develop a characteristic slant to the eyes and a characteristic sheen to the forehead. Here to increase the volume of lips and augment eyelashes is the sacred thing.

The fashion for fitness in Bulgaria is gaining momentum. Fitness is popular among foreign women in Bulgaria. If nature did not bestow large breasts, this can be corrected through plastic surgery. The most popular plastic surgeries in Bulgaria are breast and lip augmentation. Many Bulgarian mail-order brides consider plump lips, lush bust, and loose long hair the standard of beauty. Bulgarian banks actively allocate credits for plastic surgeries. According to statistics, 50% of the owners of artificial busts and lips bought them on credit.

Why Are Bulgarian Women Worth Choosing?

Have Traditional Values in Comparison with Ladies from Other Countries

It is often heard that the Bulgarians are Slavs. Bulgarians themselves do not consider themselves Slavs, although their language is included in the appropriate group. It is enough to take a closer look at Bulgarians to agree with that. There is no Slavic softness in their faces, no uncertainty of features. However, the idea that after 500 years of the yoke, all Bulgarians are dark-skinned and swarthy also has little to do with reality.

The features are large and rather sharp. Faces are more often narrow, eyes also narrow, size can vary, chins hard, noses large. Round-faced individuals are very rare. Lips are usually naturally narrow, but many successfully correct this with injections. The description may seem intimidating, but it’s no big deal. Sharpness does not necessarily mean coarseness, rather clarity, certainty. This type of appearance is in vogue these days.

More Feminine Than American Ladies

The other peculiarity is not so easy to change. If you put a Bulgarian woman next to, say, an American girl, you’ll see that the Bulgarian women for marriage have shorter legs about the body. This is especially noticeable in summer when there are many tourists from other countries on the streets of Bulgarian cities. This peculiarity is hidden a little by means of high heels. However, modern fashion does not consider short legs such a disadvantage: current styles only emphasize this feature.

Best Alternatives for Bulgarian Women

Bulgarians are usually not tall. The average height of a Bulgarian girl is 1.63-1.64 m. Whether this is due to genetics or to active smoking from a young age, we do not know. The fact remains that girls are often small in height.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are not more than half of the swarthy and black-haired cute Bulgarian girls. Here quite often you can find blue-eyed brown hair and natural blondes. Our heroines differ from the residents of Western Europe only by their short stature and thinness. You can barely see fat women on the streets of Bulgarian cities.

If you do, then it’s likely to be an elderly person or someone suffering from a serious illness. It is difficult to say what contributes to such luck: the scorching sun, coffee, an active lifestyle, or the predominance of vegetable and fermented foods in the diet. Nevertheless, the first thing a tourist sees in Sofia or Varna are chic busts of ladies, with rather thin waists.

The physique of Bulgarian girls for a serious relationship is often fragile. Narrow shoulders, graceful wrists, and ankles. There are certainly corpulent ladies, but more often among the Roma and Turks, who seem to be more inclined to corpulence. Bulgarian girls for marriage are lean and petite and retain this figure up to adulthood. Around age 50 women’s figures begin to change as a result of hormonal changes, and here it is a matter of luck. Until then, slender ladies dominate the country, despite their love of fast food.

Bulgarian Women

How to Date With Bulgarian Women

Mutual love is the brightest feeling. It makes a person happy, successful, self-sufficient. What to do when a Bulgarian bride does not share the same emotions? How to not just pick up a girl, and cause her reciprocity? We recommend not to ignore the following tips.

Be Set on Priorities

Determine how serious your intentions are. Are you looking for an easy romance or are you planning a serious relationship? In the first case, everything is prosaic. You can just once incline the Bulgarian mail order bride to have sex and interest in her will decline.

If there is a long-term partnership at stake, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to work hard. Think about how important this woman is to you. If this is a future wife and mother then it’s worth spending time on the reciprocal feelings.

Keep the Magic Alive

Life becomes boring with a predictable man. Behave so that your next step was a mystery to her. Bulgarian mail order brides expect a pragmatist and pedant, and Bulgarian women are fervently romantic or brutal cynic. Bulgarian women will want to know all the options.

Interest is a strong motivation to keep communicating. As long as a man is interesting, he stands out from the rest of the men he is compared to. And the comparison is not in favor of the rest of the male population.

Keep Your Distance

Know how to be inaccessible. It attracts like a magnet. The main rule is to keep a measure. Let attention and care give way to indifference. There is an effect of unpredictability. Do not show a woman that you are looking for meetings, worry about her. Do not seem easy prey. Like other men, Bulgarian women for sale love to conquer.

Be Charming

Show off your best side, then go into the shadows. Let the Bulgarian girlfriend understand that at any minute she can be replaced. First, Bulgarian women will control the situation, then they will show their feelings. As a result, Bulgarian women will realize that you are the perfect man.

Become Mysterious

Do not try to tell everything about yourself on the first date. What does a man do when he reads, even an interesting book? That’s right, put it aside.

It’s the same in a relationship. The process of learning about a person motivates him to continue the relationship. If a legitimate Bulgarian mail order bride does not have time to fall in love by the time she learns everything about your life, it makes no sense to hope that this will happen in the future. In 90% of cases, she will be looking for a new relationship.

Why Are Women from Bulgaria Looking for Husbands or Boyfriends on the Internet?

These beauties are looking for love online because they want to communicate only with relationship-minded singles and don’t wish to waste their precious time on casual dating.

If you want to know “what are Bulgarian women like” then we’ll continue with hair and face. Their hair is thick, long, straight, or wavy. By old age, hair can get thin, but often even in older ladies, it is thick and beautiful. More often the strands are dark, but there are blondes too. It seems that there are no redheads in Bulgaria. We have only twice met redheads over the years, and they were males. Furthermore, no one could say for sure whether they were locals or foreigners.

Blond eyes are not exotic for Bulgaria either. There are quite a lot of gray and green-eyed girls here, although brown eyes occur more often. However, light skin is a rarity. It is so rare that it is not an easy task to find a light foundation in an ordinary Bulgarian store. Girls tan easily, so Bulgarian women do not use much sunscreen.

What Needs to Be Done for the Bulgarian Women to Choose You

If you want to conquer the heart of a lady from Bulgaria, you need to follow certain tips that would make the process easier and more effective for both of you.

Be a Leader in Your Tandem

From the first day of acquaintance show yourself as a real man, which by nature is peculiar to dominance. Plan your meetings with Bulgarian women, make your own decisions. Any Bulgarian wife, no matter how strong she is, psychologically wants to have a man in her life who will protect her from problems and difficult decisions.

If a man can answer not only for himself but also for his companion, he is ideal. She will certainly appreciate it. If Bulgarian women are looking for a man, then Bulgarian women want to find a reliable one.

Be a Sex Professional

Demonstrate love in an inventive way. Whatever psychologists say about the mechanism of love, its basic component is sex. Without intimacy, the relationship will not be complete. It is very important to be able to show your feelings in sex.

Become a super lover. Bad sex is a failure. A Bulgarian girl who is satisfied in bed will not want someone else. This is the best way to find Bulgarian women. Don’t repeat yourself, fuel your desire for intimacy with new tricks. Bed and routine are incompatible. Nothing kills attraction, as predictable, boring sex.

Bulgarian women for marriage

Bring Variety Into Your Relationship

Routine and everyday problems destroy the most awe-inspiring feelings. Comfortable, full of positive events, the environment will not replace expensive gifts, financial prosperity. If the dates are diverse, she will want to be with you all the time.

Be Confident in Yourself

How to fall in love with a woman to a man who has no opinion, life principles? A courageous man commands respect not only from the fairer sex. He is drawn to him by others. A purposeful man does not pass up in front of difficulties, bringing it to the end. Is this not a reason to fall in love with such a man?

Do Not Be Passive

When dating a Bulgarian woman many guys like to take a deliberately erroneous pattern of behavior. A young man tries to please the companion, agrees with her in everything. This is because of the fear of losing your beloved person.

This scheme will work perfectly at first. It is pleasant for a Bulgarian girl to dominate the guy. Gradually the desire to manipulate is transformed into a habit. And after a little more time, the male domineer becomes uninteresting and causes nothing but irritation. As soon as a Bulgarian girl meets a man with a clear position in life, it is easy to break away from the previous relationship.

Be Honest

Try to always stay natural. Bulgarian girls love to create provocative situations and ask tricky questions. Learn to get out of them without loss. Do not deceive the companion, answer honestly. If you are sure that she will not like the answer, formulate a version that is sure to please her, and it will not look fake. This is the number one tip if you want to find a wife in Bulgaria.

Conclusion About Bulgarian Women

Finally, you may believe that women of Bulgaria expect a lot from men, but this is not the case. At the end of the day, you will not be disappointed. It’ll be well worth it! Because a Bulgarian lady will give you a wonderful mix of craziness, love, passion, pleasure, fun, beauty, and dedication!

All people have specific dreams they want to fulfill in the next few years, so sharing your ideas with a Bulgarian bride for sale will make her trust you. It’s a great way to prove the seriousness of your intentions and make your Bulgarian girl open up to you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulgarian women

What Are Bulgarian Women Like?

Bulgarian women have a kind and cheerful character, Bulgarian women are very energetic and goal-oriented. From the outside, it may seem that they are very slow and do nothing, but it only seems that way! Sexually, Bulgarian women are liberated and very choosy.

Do Bulgarian Women Looking for Marriage Want Offline Communication?

Bulgarian brides are ladies who know exactly what they want. If she decides to utilize online dating services, she’ll be prepared to continue communicating with a man who has grabbed her eye. Local women are talkative, therefore they aren’t hesitant to strike up a discussion with a foreign man since they realize the importance of communication and want to build deep bonds.

How to Impress Beautiful Bulgarian Women?

Bulgarian women enjoy little presents. Small gestures and presents are very important. You don’t need a special occasion for this. Get her a flower, or something small and inexpensive. She will value it either way.

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