European Women for Marriage: Myths & Facts & Dating Culture

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European Women: Best Places to Meet Your Gorgeous Foreign Wife

Stunning European women come to us from various countries. The most attractive are women from Eastern Europe such as Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians. Also, Italians, Germans and Poles have charm and beauty. European girls are quite serious and aimed at serious relationships.

Having met one of the European girls for marriage through a marriage agency, there is a chance to build family relationships. In addition, a sober European girl for marriage already knows what she wants and what to strive for  from childhood. It is impossible to deny the fact that Italian women, for example, had a special status in the European world.

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Fitness Coach
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IT specialist
Luba 28 y.o.

European Dating Culture

In ancient times, the dating traditions of the cultures of different European countries differed markedly from each other. Dating a European woman also had to take into account pre-wedding traditions in order to better understand the direction of a particular culture. Over time, all the cultures have been mixed up. Therefore, it is not always possible to understand in which country a particular tradition appeared and which country adopted it.

European wives may seem freedom-loving to you. But they know how to do it in such a way as to capture their potential partner. Nevertheless, dating traditions in Europe have always been distinguished by beauty and nobility. This is how a European wife was chosen. 

A European bride never ceases to amaze if you are especially a foreign groom. In Slovakia, it is customary to exchange gifts with local European females. A Slovak bride gives the groom a ring and a silk shirt which she personally embroiders with gold threads. The groom presents his bride from Slovakia with a silver ring, a fur hat, a rosary and a chastity belt.

In the Nordic countries, there is a tradition of planting trees. The Norwegians plant two Christmas trees while the Swiss plant a pine tree. If you have a goal to meet a Swiss woman, then you will have to learn about all types of trees!

A woman from Europe, (e.g. England), pins a horseshoe and a pin to her wedding dress for good luck. The Scots wrap brides in woolen shawls made in the colors of the groom’s clan. Finnish brides are required to wear a real crown to their wedding. But in most other countries, the bride is decorated with a wreath. 

In many countries, male guests can “buy” a dance with the bride by tossing a coin into her shoe or pinning it to her dress. In Sweden, a European bride herself puts two coins in her shoes. Gold is given to her by her mother and silver by her father. The shoes of a bride should be easily removed so that in the future this woman will have an easy birth. So, before arranging your date with European singles, learn more about their dating culture.

What Are European Women Like?

There are many different characteristics of European women looking for American men. It can be both their appearance and inner world. The beauty of European women stands out primarily due to their peculiar features that carry a zest and a certain mystery.


Depending on the nationality, European girls can have long golden-haired or blond silky hair, light eyes, smooth fair skin and curvaceous. However, one thing is certain: European girls will make an effort to maintain their looks and maintain their health. European girls do their best to look great as this will make a good impression on their future foreign husbands.

Inner World

Europe ladies are known for their rich inner world. As a rule, they are well-educated, friendly and enjoy spending time with loved ones. Despite all these characteristics, Europe women are different from others as they can be incredibly impartial!


Another noteworthy characteristic of Europe madams is that they have no problem spending time with their children. Western European women are more relaxed with their kids. Norwegian and English-speaking women allow their children to play freely at any age. They spend a lot of time with them even when their kids are grown up and married.

Hardworking & Responsible

Romanian ladies are known to be hardworking. They are very punctual whether they are going to business conferences or meetings with friends. Despite these characteristics, Romanian women, for example, are not very popular outside their country. Romanian world is one of the most liberal with a developed sense of responsibility. Single European ladies of predominantly Slavic origin have the ability to combine working moments with self-development.

Loyal & Zealous

Another characteristic of most Europe females is loyalty. They will tolerate if their men date or flirt with other women. However, an Italian woman may rip him off or possibly slap him in the face if a man tries to flirt with another woman. Some of them may even fire their boyfriends if they are connected by work moments. Nevertheless, ladies in Europe are known for their loyalty to their husbands. Over time, they will introduce you to their families because they trust you.

European Women: Facts & Myths

For contemporaries, both the experience and the challenge of modernity were strongly expressed in the “New Woman” motif. There are many myths and real facts about European woman that is incredibly exciting. Every European woman could go through difficult paths if only her voice remained noticed in the current society.

European Women Facts

European Women Myths

Many foreigners believe this myth and often portray Slavic wives in films exclusively as housewives. Time has destroyed this stereotype since now most women from Europe have been working while continuing to do household chores. They perfectly manage to combine work and life while remaining in excellent shape.

Why Are European Singles Interested in Dating Foreigners?

European ladies are also purposefully seeking husbands abroad. There are several good reasons for this:

These are good reasons often stated by Europe mail-order wives why they do not want to marry in their native country.

Where Can You Meet European Women for Marriage?

The most efficient and fastest way to find your dream girl, whether it be a passionate Italian or a flirtatious Polish woman, you can register on one of the trusted dating sites. A number of top online platforms available in Europe are as follows:


This is a decent dating site if your goal is to find a serious Slav with serious intentions. The site is quite easy to use as it allows you to have a quick and private chat with selected ladies from Europe.


This is an excellent option for international dating in today’s bustling world. The site offers many useful basic and paid services so that you can enjoy full-fledged communication with European singles.


Let us recommend you CharmDate as a relatively cheap and reliable international dating platform. Useful features of the following site include basic and advanced search, an intuitive automatic matchmaking algorithm and convenient ways to make contact with European singles.

European Women vs American Women

In the USA, girls usually compliment each other by saying they like someone’s outfit or something like that. European ladies usually don’t do such things because they are more private in nature. Only the closest people and trusted friends hear such things from them. Moreover, American women are more flirtatious and do it directly. They don’t do it for fun, they want to make a real date. European girls accept flirting as an element of local dating culture; for them, it’s like sharing a joke. European ladies flirt for pleasure without any intentions or hints of seriousness.

Best Places to Meet European Girls

You can meet charming European ladies in the list of top countries. You may choose the country you have wanted to visit for a long time and arrange a real meeting through an international marriage agency.


This is a beautiful country with historical attractions as well as interesting places such as cafeterias on the Adriatic coast. You can enjoy the presence of your potential bride from Italy while spending time with her in a cozy cafe with a glass of wine.


This is a small country but there you will find a lot of mail order brides who want to meet a man like you. In Germany, there are many hardworking and sociable girls who you can easily meet.


The UK is a great option among European countries if you are seeking a serious lady ready for marriage. Lovers on London Bridge can be a very significant couple if you want to visit this respectable country in order to find a worthy mail bride.

Do European Women Make Good Mail Order Wives?

European women are so diverse in their behavior, culture and mentality that you will be dizzy about which woman to choose and from which country. For example, a Ukrainian mail wife would make an excellent friend and life partner, while a hot Italian bride could be a good mistress and housewife at once.


In truth, European women are admired by American wife-seekers. These are so peculiar ladies with a rich inner world that you will not be able to immediately decide on your choice. You can find charming ladies from Europe on trusted dating sites or through marriage agencies, or you can visit any country in Europe to meet the woman of your dreams!

What Are Some Common European Dating Customs?

Among the common dating customs of many European countries is a predetermined date and plot for the development of a wedding event. Parents on the part of the bride must be one hundred percent sure that the groom is suitable for their daughter.

How Can I Tell if a European Woman Is Interested in Me?

First of all, she will show her initiative first. Despite her restrained temperament, a European woman opens up to the man she likes after pleasant communication.

What Are Some Good Ways to Impress a European Woman on a Date?

Try to pleasantly surprise your lady on the first date. Give her a small bouquet and book a table in a secluded place. If your lady wishes, you can go shopping together so that she can choose a gift to her taste.

What Should I Expect on a Date With a European Girl?

On a first date, you can expect your potential European girl to be eyeballing you but reserved. Remember, if she agreed to a date with you, then she really liked you. A European will not waste her time with the first person she meets!

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