Foreigners Dating Chinese Women: Valuable Facts And Details

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When someone says they are attracted to women from Asia, they often mean South Korean, Japanese, or Chinese women. A man may be interested in a Chinese girl because of her petite appearance, femininity, and amazing charm. It’s as if they radiate calm feminine beauty! However, how does one cracks the code of dating a Chinese girl?

When you meet Chinese women, it’s inevitable that you face some issues. You were brought up in different environments, and you have different mentalities. You can check out our article to learn more about dating Chinese women and many Chinese women in general. 

Chinese Women: Everything You Need To Know 

Before you meet Chinese women and start dating a Chinese girl, it would be a good idea to research the topic of Chinese dating culture. Check out a few facts about Chinese babes to better understand whether these ladies fit your image of a perfect wife or girlfriend. 

Educated, Ambitious, And Hard-Working

In recent years, higher education has become one of the most sought-out qualities of Chinese girls. If you meet Chinese women, they graduate not only from schools but also universities. A typical Chinese girl invests a lot of time and effort into her self-education and even goes abroad to study. 

As a result, Chinese girls are competent in their areas of study and work, have impressive career achievements and even more impressive goals, and can successfully talk to you about any topic. Thus, when dating a Chinese girl, expect her to be fluent in English or to be able to talk basic English as a minimum. 

Conventional And Traditional

China is quite a modern country (technology-wise), and the same can be said for Chinese ladies. However, they are also surprisingly old-fashioned in some ways. When dating a Chinese girl, expect her to be a bit superstitious! 

However, most men who meet Chinese women online or offline mention that most of them just have relatively conventional views on the family, making them outdated in the modern woke world. Chinese girls are loyal, dream of a family with a husband and at least one child, and don’t consider their careers to be a central part of their lives.

Magnificent And Youthful

Asian ladies may be beautiful in general, but Chinese babes set a beauty standard of their own: that’s how precious and amazing they are. The beauty of Chinese ladies is delicate and petite, but it is also striking in a different way. 

According to Chinese culture, a beautiful girl must have perfectly balanced features: dark almond-shaped eyes, silky black hair (typically straight or artificially curled), plump lips, and a rounded small face. 

If you take a look at women from China on dating platforms, you will notice that they are very petite and skinny. These babes know how to look feminine everywhere they go! Moreover, they take care of their skin and stay youthful for a very long time. It’s a common trend in Asia to take care of your appearance and avoid the sun. Thus, they stay younger for a longer period. 

Reserved, But Open To Love

You will hardly ever meet a Chinese lady who is loose or eager for attention around men. These babes don’t like to attract attention through their behavior, and they prefer men to approach them because of their beauty.

When men are interested in dating Chinese girls, they are afraid these babes would be shy and reserved, especially around men. However, the good news is this reservedness disappears as a woman from China feels more comfortable around a man. 

She wants to get to know a man before she opens up and trusts her heart. When you notice that your Chinese woman like your presence and becomes more active and talkative around you, it means that she is considering you for a long-term relationship.

Love Cooking

One of the best things when you date Chinese women is their cooking skills! Women in China never forget the main place at home: the kitchen. We all spend time there, chat with each other after work, share delicious food, etc. Babes from China are also great cooks.

If you’ve never tried home-cooked Chinese food made by a gorgeous woman who grew up inheriting skills from her, then you haven’t had Chinese meals at all. Chinese babes like the idea of eating healthy meals every day.

Reasons Why Western Men Date Chinese Girls

A man may prefer a Chinese lady for a variety of reasons. A Chinese woman likes to take care of her appearance, she’s family-oriented, and she wants to have kids in the future after marriage. These are a few reasons, let’s check out the rest of the list. 

Exotic Beauty

You would lie if you said you date a Chinese girl not because of her appearance. Take a look at some pictures of celebrities in China: they are all stunning. This exotic beauty and the tradition to take care of oneself attracts men. 

Traditional Values

Most Chinese woman likes the idea of getting married and starting a family. They love children and the overall idea of romance and married life. Overall, Chinese people remain old-fashioned in this instance. They want to show an example to their kids of how a family should look like. 


If you date Chinese women, chances are you’re curious about this unusual experience. Typically, single Chinese women are different from western girls. They suit Chinese society, and foreign guys are interested in checking whether they match better with girls from China. 

Stereotypes About Chinese Women

We all believe in a few facts about Chinese girls which are false. When men meet Chinese women in person or online, they are often surprised to learn the truth about mysterious Chinese females. So, to avoid confusion when dating a Chinese woman, here are a few popular stereotypes about Chinese babes:

Now, dating a Chinese woman should be easier since you’ll know what behaviors to avoid. 

How Dating Chinese Singles Differs From Other Asian Women?

Before you meet Chinese women, you may be curious about how Chinese girls differ from other girls from Asia. A typical Chinese woman is different from girls from India or Japan. Before dating Chinese women, check out this comprehensive table. 

Country Casual dating. Jealousy when in serious relationships. Family-orientedness. Splitting the bill. Sex before marriage.
China Uncommon. Yes. Yes. Uncommon. Yes, but uncommon.
Vietnam No Yes. Yes. No. Yes.
Japan Uncommon. Uncommon. Yes. Quite often. Yes.
South Korea Yes. Yes. Yes. Sometimes. Yes.
Singapore Yes. Yes. Yes. Sometimes. Yes.

Tips From Experts: How To Meet And Date Woman From China

When you date Chinese women, you should always keep in mind the differences in mentalities and societies. If it’s OK to do something in your country, it may not be OK in China. Overall, dating a Chinese woman is similar to dating local girls, with a few exceptions. 

These dating Chinese women tips include a few differences in dating cultures. If you’re seeking Chinese wives, you should read this part of the article. These Chinese women dating tips are valuable whether you’re using Chinese dating sites or decide to travel to China. 

Invest In A Good First Impression

It’s uncommon in western countries to show off. But it’s almost the opposite in China. Chinese girls prefer successful men since they themselves are rather successful and educated. A typical Chinese woman is attracted to a man who takes care of himself. You should consider your outfit when you ask a Chinese girl on a date. You have to look pleasant and as if you can afford a good living.

Spend A Lot Of Time Together

This tip is valuable for you if you are wondering how to date Chinese girls. At the beginning of your relationship with a Chinese girl, she will sometimes be shy and too reserved. It’s easy to change this “coldness” by communicating as much as possible. 

When a Chinese woman sees your interest, she becomes more confident in your interest in her. You will notice how emotional and cheerful she becomes. She may also start her feelings towards you in public, which is a sign that she is completely comfortable with you. But be patient and don’t push it, especially when it comes to intimacy. 

Be Curious About Her Culture And Family

As mentioned in the article, family is extremely important in Chinese society and for Asian girls in general. That’s why when dating Chinese girl it’s important to listen to her stories about family. 

However, one of the dating Chinese women tips is not to be offended if she doesn’t introduce you to her family after a while. The introduction part happens when she’s ready to marry you. So, only when things get serious. But consider showing curiosity about her family, the family members’ health, etc. 

Chinese brides also love it when foreigners ask about their culture, language, history, etc. Try to avoid political topics, though, when seeing single Chinese women. 

Do Chinese Women Make Good Wives? 

The short answer is yes. You can tell from this article that  Chinese girls have all the right traits to become perfect wives. The only difficulty when courting a Chinese girl is the differences in mentality and views. However, you and your Chinese woman can get over all difficulties if you match.

Overall, a typical Chinese girl, just like all typical Asian girls, considers men to be leaders of the family. They are prepared to follow their lead while offering comfort, support, and counseling. They criticize their men but only for them to get better. They are never vicious but are loving and caring.

Success Stories With Chinese Women

You’re not the first and not the last man interested in Chinese women. You may even have friends who date or are married to ladies from China. If you don’t, here are a few success stories of lucky guys who met Chinese spouses:

Where To Meet Beautiful Chinese Women?

If you desire to encounter a Chinese wife, consider a few obvious options to choose from. You may start dating Chinese ladies online on the most popular dating apps. Or you may opt for dating Chinese girl in person after traveling to China. 


Many Chinese women use online dating apps. You may often meet Chinese women online when playing games, on social media, etc. Thus, there is a wide range of options. If you want to quickly and easily find a Chinese girl, use Chinese dating sites, or consider international dating apps. Here is a short list of apps to consider:

The best Chinese dating site is the one that has profiles of women who attract you. You can find girls today by creating an account. 


If you prefer to find an Asian lady in China, then you have a few amazing cities to visit. As a foreign guy, you may choose any city since they are populated. The population in China is the second biggest in the world, so it’s easy to find many women. Here are the cities to visit:

You won’t have to learn the Chinese language since a lot of ladies in China speak fluent English. You can visit these cities to gain the ability to start seeking women right away.

Conclusion On Hot Chinese Women

If you’re considering starting your own family, or you’re ready to have a long term relationship, dating a family oriented girl makes sense. You may date a Chinese babe since she is a perfect candidate to become a loyal and attractive wife. 

Consider using a dating site if you want to date a Chinese girl. Remember: dating a foreign girl requires doing research. Account for the differences in mentality to ensure you’re successful when courting a girl from China. 


Do Chinese women like foreign men?

Typically, many Chinese girls are curious about dating foreigners. Thus, you may be extremely successful among local ladies and find a Chinese girlfriend quickie. Just be respectful and don’t play into stereotypes about Chinese singles. 

I’m a foreign man, can I date a Chinese woman?

If you wish to meet Chinese girls to date these beautiful Chinese females, there should be no obstacles. Just be respectful of her culture and country if you want to maintain a serious relationship. Having a Chinese wife means taking care of your wife and family, so show that you have serious intentions when using dating platforms or dating offline. Chinese people are into serious relationships, so you should prove your intentions. 

What are some common Chinese babes’ fashion styles?

If you ask a girl on a Chinese date, she will arrive dressed to her nines. Typically, dating Chinese babes mean they always look stunning and feminine. They highlight their best traits but still remain relatively modest. Foreign men might find their fashion style interesting and suitable in this dating culture. 

What are some good ways to impress a woman from China on a date?

Seeking Chinese wives means investing in the first impression. Ensure you look presentable and dress properly on the first date. Most western men tend to make a mistake when dating a Chinese woman; this mistake is to not take things slowly. Be respectful, don’t push for intimacy, and turn on your foreign charm.

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