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Asian Girls for Marriage: Facts About Beautiful Asian Women

We already know that charming Asian women for marriage have a place to be in the ranking of modern dating. Thanks to Asian women most American men have managed to build a happy personal life and thereby disperse all false stereotypes. Moreover, Asian girls are very unique in their appearance and character, and this is even more attractive to foreign wife seekers. Yet, mail order wives originally came from Greece, the United States and Armenia. But after a while, Asian singles proved the essence of mail brides from countries such as Japan, Vietnam and China. About Asian women dating – read in today’s material.

Best Asian Singles Profiles

Mira 24 y.o.
Location Taipei City
Kwong 23 y.o.
Location Seoul
Lee 23 y.o.
Location Bangkok

Where Can You Meet Asian Women for Marriage?

There are several good ways to meet charming Asian madams. Today, the most effective way to pick up a hot chick is to register on a trusted dating site. We have prepared for you a couple of worthwhile sites where you will find your oriental love.

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This is an original online dating platform for deserving mail brides. The site has an extensive membership base of verified oriental singles and active girls looking for marriage. AsiaMe provides convenient communication tools and a professional support service. In addition, the website suggests a user-friendly interface with attractive discounts for active adult users seeking Eastern women. In AsiaMe you can find best sexy Asian women.


This is a decent online dating site offering useful connections with single Asian ladies. Thousands of pretty Oriental women are interested in dating Western men. This online platform suggests a basic and extended search feature for finding the best match along with additional services that can make your online acquaintances even more useful. 


This amazing dating website offers some free options to try. The quantity and quality of profiles of Asian beauties is impressive. The interface of AsianMelody is quite simple. The site provides attractive additional options such as flower delivery, translations and other interesting features. It is a good Asian women dating site.

Asian wife

Dating Sites for Meeting Asian Ladies – Short Comparison

Site Name Membership Cost Number of Members Features
🌏 💰 Starting at $10 per month 👥 Over 4.5 million members 🔎 Advanced search, 💬 instant messaging, 🎥 video chat, 🌐 translation services, 📱 mobile app
🌸 Cherry Blossoms 💰 Starting at $29.95 for one month 👥 Over 75,000 active members 🔎 Advanced search, 📧 email, 🗣️ chat rooms, 📱 mobile app, 🛂 visa and immigration services
🇹🇭 ThaiCupid 💰 Starting at $8.33 per month 👥 Over 1.5 million members 🔎 Advanced search, 💬 instant messaging, 🎥 video chat, 🌐 translation services, 📱 mobile app, 🔖 CupidTags
🇯🇵 JapanCupid 💰 Starting at $10 per month 👥 Over 700,000 members 🔎 Advanced search, 💬 instant messaging, 🎥 video chat, 🌐 translation services, 📱 mobile app, 🔖 CupidTags

Best Places to Meet Asian Girls

Beautiful Asian women are quite actively seeking foreign males on online dating resources. If you wish to increase your chances of getting a great wife, then it is better to look for women in the following countries:

The Philippines

Filipino women are tired of local lazy and unfriendly men. For this reason, they are seeking a stable marriage relationship abroad to avoid spicy family dramas.


Although there are more men than women in this eastern country, local beauties do not rush to select a family partner among the local male population. With foreigners, Chinese brides are more likely to be happy when marrying.


All in all, laborious work is not for true women. Due to this fact, self-respecting Vietnamese girls are trying to avoid this fate by seeking love on the other side of the globe.


The country of the rising sun is famous for smart and charismatic ladies, although among them you may meet conservative beauties from the countryside.

Often, single babes from Asia can be found in decent restaurant establishments or cafes if you have visited amazing Japan. Nightlife lovers from Vietnam can afford to have a blast in nightclubs and bars. If you don’t know, where to meet Asian women – this article is perfect for you.

How to Meet with Asian Ladies – Popular Tips

If you’re interested in meeting with Asian ladies, there are a few tips that can help you make a great first impression and increase your chances of forming a connection. Here are some of the best tips for meeting Asian ladies:

  1. Be respectful and polite: Respect is very important in Asian cultures, so it’s essential to be polite and courteous when meeting with Asian ladies. Make sure to use proper greetings, avoid being pushy or aggressive, and be mindful of your body language and tone of voice.
  2. Show interest in their culture: Asian ladies are proud of their cultural heritage, and they appreciate it when someone takes an interest in it. Learn about their customs, traditions, and cuisine, and show that you value and respect their culture.
  3. Be genuine and sincere: Authenticity is key when it comes to forming a connection with someone. Be yourself, be honest, and avoid trying to impress or flatter them with insincere compliments or gestures.
  4. Learn some basic phrases in their language: Learning a few phrases in their language can go a long way in showing that you’re interested in their culture and that you’re making an effort to communicate with them.
  5. Join Asian dating sites or communities: There are many online dating sites and communities specifically for people interested in meeting Asian ladies. These can be great places to start and can provide you with opportunities to meet like-minded individuals.
  6. Attend cultural events and festivals: Attending cultural events and festivals can be a great way to meet Asian ladies and experience their culture firsthand. Look for events in your local area and make an effort to attend them.
  7. Be patient: Building a connection with someone takes time, and it’s important to be patient and not rush things. Take the time to get to know the person and build a connection based on shared interests and values.

Overall, meeting with Asian ladies requires a combination of respect, cultural understanding, and genuine interest in getting to know them. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to forming meaningful connections and potentially finding love. On our site you can read about Latin women.

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Asian Dating Culture

The Middle East is predominantly inhabited by peoples who profess the Muslim faith. So, the features of the holidays are based on religion including oriental weddings among potential Asian wives. The customs in Islam are known to us for the most part. Still, there are also those that you probably did not know about. Only then, you managed to meet Asian women.

In some settlements in China, a couple cannot get married until they are given the go-ahead by a local astrologer for both an Asian bride and a foreign groom. An astrologer makes calculations taking into account the position of the stars at the time of the birth of the bride and groom and determining what fate awaits them. If fate promises to be unhappy, then the wedding may even be canceled.

Another interesting wedding tradition in China is the special wedding makeup for the future Asian wife. Asian girls cover their faces with a thick layer of white powder so that no one sees their cheeks flushed with embarrassment. After all, this is how an Asian girl for marriage becomes a bride vulnerable to evil spirits.

For example, in Indonesia, after the wedding night, Asian females have the right to be left alone and can ask their husbands to leave. Moreover, this is related not only to the wedding night but the first three months of family life. “Coming husbands” can sometimes only spend the night with local spouses and go to their parents during the day. After three months, an Asian girl must decide whether she leaves her husband forever or refuses marriage.

In both Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, the young meet only at the ceremony after which each disperses to their separate holidays. If Muslims have male and female halves, then the Vietnamese do not have such a separation. Oriental guests, regardless of gender, can decide for themselves who they want to go to the celebration: either an Asian bride or a groom. Dating an Asian woman from Vietnam means obeying the established rules of their society.

Asian bride

What Are Asian Women Like?

Oriental mail order brides are single Asian ladies who are constantly on the move. These women are very diverse and specific. Very often, Asian women looking for American men register on advanced international dating platforms in order to meet a reliable foreign partner for marriage and romantic dates. Basically, these are young and energetic Asian girls from developing countries such as Japan, China, and partially Vietnam. Among the number of these beauties, you will find your unique woman from Asia.

Female Beauty

There are many bright and elegant brides from Asia who serve as perfect examples of what a true Oriental woman looks like. What are the traditional standards of Oriental beauty? The typical appearance of an Oriental woman is light or pale skin, a lean physique as well as large eyes with a double lid crease, and a smooth and well-groomed goose-egg face. Asian girls protect their skin thoroughly. They prefer to keep on healthy diets and are not afraid of plastic surgery. These hot babes are very dedicated to looking stunning!

Family Values

If you need a gorgeous family woman, then go to Asia soon! As a rule, most Asian countries have a low divorce rate. Statistically, Eastern women have a relatively lower divorce rate while in America. Accordingly, all this comes from the origin, religion and some Confucian teachings, namely:

“Divorce brings family disgrace”. This is a strong belief of conservative Asians. 

Strong family values, love and strong support accompany marriages with Oriental brides. If you have a goal of marrying a Japanese bride, then refer to the established criteria for how to become a foreign fiance in Japan.


Asian brides are known for their modest and timid nature. In fact, they are not at all boring in conversation and relationships in general. On the contrary, Asian girls for marriage know how to have fun with a good sense of humor. However, Eastern  women never go beyond the bounds of decency and behave adequately in any situation. You will never be ashamed because of the jokes of wayward Asian girls. Rest assured your madam will never make a vivid scene and even start a public fight as they keep family dramas unrevealed.

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Success Stories - Asian Women

Success Story #1 Image
Yan and Li AsianMelodies logo
Yan and Li are two people from China who met each other through a Chinese dating site. They both had similar interests and hit it off right away. After talking for a few months, they decided to meet in person and eventually got married. Their story is an example of how successful Chinese dating sites can be in helping people find true love. In the past, finding someone to date was difficult because of the limited opportunities available in China. But with the advent of online dating sites, it has become much easier for people to find potential partners from all over the world. Yan and Li’s story proves that these sites are not just for casual flings but can also help lead to lasting relationships.
Success Story #2 Image
Qian and Tao EasternHoneys logo
Qian and Tao are two lovebirds that met on a Chinese dating site and went on to have a successful relationship. They are living proof that online dating sites can be an effective way to find true love. Their story is an inspiring one, as it shows how two people from different backgrounds can come together through the power of technology. Qian and Tao's success story is a testament to the potential of Chinese dating sites, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only do they provide users with a safe platform for meeting like-minded individuals, but they also offer unique features such as matchmaking algorithms, detailed profiles, and virtual gifts. This means that users can find their perfect partner without leaving their home or office.

Asian Women: Interesting Facts & Myths

There are many myths and stereotypes about local Oriental women and there are some claims that Eastern women have been subjected to different types of violence more than once. The goal of mail brides from Asia is not to marry to be financially secure only. Violence in Asian families has pushed their beauties to look for husbands abroad. Now we will figure out what myths about Asian ladies are being spread and some interesting facts about them.

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Asian Women Facts

Asian Women Myths

One of the common myths about Eastern women of all ages is that they are incapable of holding back their emotions. Just like: 

While local cuties can be incredibly cute when they’re with friends, their feelings are often heightened when they get home. While it may be cute and attractive, other people get tired of these psychological outbursts.

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The myth that Asia ladies are more submissive is plausible for those who have never met them in real life! In fact, many Western foreigners getting to know an Asia woman may be amazed at her pragmatism, perseverance and harshness. Oriental girls will never serve you today because it turns marriage into slavery. 

Even if at first it may seem to you that your new girlfriend from China or Japan is very sweet and naive, then later her mask will be thrown off. The Asian girl you met will show her true face! On the other hand, many Eastern girls think that some foreigners are too naive and soft since local men are perceived by them as more sophisticated, abrupt and smart.

Asian girl

Meet with the Best Asian Girls

Location Hanoi
Age 23
Hobbies Rock painting
English level B2
Weight 61
Height 172

Why Are Asian Singles Interested in Dating Foreigners?

There are several common reasons why Oriental women prefer foreign men to build long-term relationships with:

Due to these factors, girls from Oriental countries would like mutual understanding and support. Everything else, in their opinion, can be acquired during the development of relations.

Asian lady

Calculate How Many Costs Asian Ladies

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Asian Women vs American Women

Asian women, unlike American ones, are more persistent and do not require anything in return. Despite their absolute independence, American women often forget about family values. Asian females, in turn, value their families very much although they are not inclined to enter into marital relations at an immature age. Cold American women cannot offer selfless love to their spouses because they are more selfish. Asian women are quite loyal and spend most of their time with their beloved spouses and children.

Do Asian Women Make Good Mail Order Wives?

Asian single ladies can become good mail order wives if they aim to create a strong family and a serious relationship in general. These girls know that it requires a lot of investment to start a family. They are seeking husbands on the Internet with the hope of becoming a beloved woman coming to foreign lands.


Wherever you travel, pretty Asian women will appeal to you in the first place. If you have common goals, then creating a strong relationship will not be difficult! Girls for marriage from Asian countries know what they want and are in no hurry to choose local suitors for the role of a perfect spouse.


What Are Some Tips for Dating Asian Women?

There are a few basic rules for dating Asian girls: first, be a gallant and condescending man; show your masculinity and friendliness towards oriental girls, surprise with small gifts, and give compliments to your newly-made bride.

What Are Some Common Asian Dating Customs?

The most important custom is to fully immerse in the local Asian dating culture. Show your respect for the local culture and be positive towards your future spouse's blood relatives. Asians are too faithful to be dishonest in front of themselves.

How Can I Tell if an Asian Woman Is Interested in Me?

She will unobtrusively show signs of attention. She can be the first to write and call without hesitation. Be prepared to hear from her an invitation to her favorite bar.

I’m a Foreign Man, Can I Date an Asian Woman?

Naturally, there is such a theory because there is no prohibition to forming a family union with foreigners. This is called an international form of dating with the possibility of building international marriages.

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