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Ladies and gentlemen, we live during an amazing time when romantic bonds still matter, and we can find a soulmate online. Several decades ago no one was considering online dating as an option, and not because social networks weren’t created back then. People didn’t believe that such dating can get serious.

Well. now everything is serious. While communicating with your friends, you might constantly hear about a happy Sarah, Edwin, etc., who managed to find a soulmate online. Some people think it’s weird since you don’t feel those butterflies when you approach a man or a woman to invite on a date. But in reality, serious dating apps or sites are responsible for more happy marriages than traditional methods of meeting people.

You can check the statistics on the Internet, dating sites for serious relationships are way much better. Partially, it’s because people register accounts only when they feel like finally settling down. There are apps where you can find hookups, which means that these people don’t have profiles here. 

How to Date Exclusively Online

Another reason why best dating apps for serious relationships are better is that people value what they gain. If they have a minor argument, they won’t slam doors and give up on their romantic bonds that easily. Registered users want to find soulmates, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t see each other for months.

best dating apps

You can meet the person you like in several days, especially if you live in the same city. You get to know each other online, find out whether you fit, and if so, you meet in real life wherever you want. If you are too different, you don’t waste each other’s time and proceed with your search. Some people manage to find a match within a month! So, this means that such an approach is worthy of your attention.

How to Choose the App

There are several parameters that you should consider before registering. Of course, instead of seeking the app yourself, you can simply use the list of decent apps mentioned below. But let’s find out what parameters to consider before picking a site or app:

The best serious dating apps always support users. Employees monitor suspicious activity to track down scammers and ban them. If such apps use identity verification or simply check the information given by the applicant, then it’s a huge advantage. And if everything goes for a reasonable price, then the site or app is worthy of your attention.

Now let’s proceed with the list of such apps.

List of the Best Relationship Apps

When you find the app that suits you, all you need to do is to create an account. Apps usually don’t allow to check out the profiles before the signup process, but you can do that after registration is complete. If the app is not free to use, you still can see the profiles. That way you can make sure that you have a chance to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend if not, you can use another app from the list. 

Coffee Meets Bagel

Even though the name of the app is not serious, but the project is. Coffee and bagel – one of the best combinations, and that’s exactly what the website is offering you – a perfect match. Most platforms convince you that the more matches you receive a day, the higher your chance to find someone. They even make you pay more for these daily matches. But is that true? The creators of this app have a different point of view. 

They think that if users receive only one match a day, they give a closer look to that person. They read through the biography, watch all the pictures, examine the profiles carefully. When users have more than one daily match, they just choose, depending on the picture. Such an approach might be good for finding hookups, but not a serious relationship. That’s why the app stands out.


Yes, only “once” a day you receive a match. The approach is very similar to the mechanism of the previous app, but it has different features. The difference is that the moderators of the app take the quality of profiles seriously. They won’t allow you to download a blurry photo, or pictures, where your face is obscured. This means that it will take up to one full day to approve the profile.

But you can be positive about the quality of the received services. First, it’s not a scam where cheaters are trying to steal your money. Second, be sure that all the profiles you will see will be of high quality. There is a quiz that you have to complete. It’s important, don’t skip it, or you will receive matches that don’t fit your personality.

The League

This app stands out since it is an elite version of a dating website. It’s one of the best dating apps for long term relationships since it considers your personality traits, age range education, profession and offers a match who fits your level. In simple words, if you are looking for a person who has a goal in life, this app will help you to find him or her. It’s a legit dating online app where singles meet like-minded people.

The owners of the app make sure that the registration process is difficult so that fake profiles won’t appear within the database of users. Approval of a profile will take longer than usual since the employees will be thoroughly checking the given information. If it doesn’t match the reality, the profile will be banned even before registration. Such measures improved the database, so you can find your soulmate.


Their slogan is “Designed to be deleted”. The idea is that you won’t delete it because it has such a bad interface that it’s difficult to use it, but because very soon you won’t need this app. You will find a match, fall in love, and delete the app. Hinge might not have such strict safety measures as previous apps, but singles love it since it’s easy to find a date. 

You will have to register by using a phone number. This peculiarity disables scammers from registering new accounts. They get banned, but they won’t bother anyone again since email addresses are not used for signing up. The quality of profiles is decent, people are willing to find love. You can use filters to find a date, or you can wait for daily recommendations. While you wait, you can read numerous tips on dating and ideas for dates. 


If you are looking for a serious relationship, it’s highly possible to find a date while using such apps. Just make sure you are not using a platform for finding hookups – you can use the list above. Some apps are free to use, others are paid but they implement serious safety measures. At least give it a try and create an account, you might get very lucky soon.

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