What German Ladies’ Personality And Appearance Are

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First of all, German women are very diverse and different depending on their residence and social status. It is also worth noting that German varies. So everything written below is a generalization of the typical German lady and her common traits. But let’s start with what first catches attention – the appearance.

And if we talk about native Germans, they are pretty tall, big ladies with blond or red hair and blue eyes. They are beautiful, and it is “Valkyrie” that comes to mind when imagining girls from this country. The brightest representatives are actress Diane Krüger, models Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum and biathlete Magdalena Neuner.

But in fact, there are not many typical blonde German girls left, and most often, they are residents of small towns and villages. Today, many more descendants come from mixed marriages because many Italians, Greeks, Poles, Kurds, Turks, Africans, and Asians live here. Also, there are millions of foreign women in Germany.

As for personality, all Germans are pretty similar. A typical native lady plans her own life and is not afraid of difficulties. German women are very fond of well-paid careers. If an equal partnership interests a foreigner, then local girls are an ideal option.

These taciturn ladies never give up. Life difficulties can’t break Girls from Germany. They go forward and remember all their achievements. No wonder the most influential lady of the 21st century (Angela Merkel) is German.

Anastasia 27 y.o.
Iryna 24 y.o.
Fitness Coach
Luba 28 y.o.
Anastasia 28 y.o.
Sofia 25 y.o.
IT specialist
Maria 21 y.o.

Why German Mail Order Brides Become Good Wives?

Germans do not like lengthy negotiations and hidden meanings. But they care about honesty and straightforwardness. Either tell her everything frankly or do not fool her head. But at the same time, they know how to have a dialogue and argue. And the romantic words for these ladies will not be a declaration of love, but the phrase: “You are the smartest and most practical lady in the world!” will undoubtedly please women of Germany.

Germans know how to create a perfect image, a cozy and beautiful interior and choose the best jewelry. They love exciting recreation and melodic music, and they don’t need many interlocutors.

If it seems that Germans do not know tenderness and passion, it is an absolute mistake. Behind the removed mask of restraint, you will find an extremely ardent mistress and a caring life partner. And you will understand that there is simply no better partner for a happy, long life than a German mail order bride.

German Mail Order Brides

How Are Beautiful German Women Different From Other Women?

We have already considered the appearance and main features of the character of the German brides. But to better understand the mindset of German girls, study this topic in more detail. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the main differences from other women:

Is a German Girlfriend Similar to an American One?

Many men interested in German brides come from America. But due to the long distance and the lack of opportunity to communicate with Germans in an informal setting, American men do not know what Germans are in everyday life. Therefore, we have prepared several comparative characteristics of a typical German bride and an American one. But for guys from other countries, such a comparison will also be helpful.

Many men wonder how to communicate with another sex during a date or relationship. It is the first thing that catches men’s attention when communicating with German girls. Unlike American women, they say what they mean. Simple and straightforward. In contrast, girls from the United States make a bunch of vague hints and expect their partners to guess the meaning.

Naturalness above all. American women love beauty products, and they use cosmetics all the time. Sometimes, thanks to cosmetics, American ladies can turn into entirely different persons. Cute German girls do not use cosmetics at all. An exception may be a ball, wedding, or some other important formal event.

Sociality. American women are more open and accessible communicative. They are very talkative and often start a conversation with strangers. Ladies from Germany are more reserved and rarely start talking to strangers. Small talk is also not popular among Germans.

Physical shape. We have already noted the good physical form of German girls. Everything is different with American women. Due to long distances and almost no public transport, American women drive a lot and walk little. Add to this the love of fast food, and the result will be sad. Nearly two-thirds of American women are overweight.

These are just a few differences that are immediately apparent in a cursory study of the issue. There are many more things that distinguish Americans and Germans. And it is clear why so many American men want to start dating a German woman.

Is German Women Same As Other Western Ladies?

There are other options if a man generally likes German girls, but he does not like some of their traits. Europe is huge, and there are girls for every taste. For example:

How To Meet German Girls For Marriage?

If a foreigner lives far from Germany, there are three main ways to meet and date girls from this country:

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. So let’s look at them in more detail.

Dating sites are the most popular way to meet German women for marriage. This option is also the cheapest one. On average, the monthly cost ranges from 10-15 dollars. And some sites are completely free.

Hundreds of thousands of girls register on such resources. The choice is simply impressive, and you can start a conversation just by sending a message. Dating sites are easy to use.

Marriage agencies are a traditional way of finding a bride from another country. Of course, the process of searching and dating was modernized and transferred to the Internet. But still, the primary goal of marriage agencies is to find German girls for a serious relationship. The process also remained unchanged, the client registers – indicating their info and the necessary characteristics of the desired partner. The agency also selects suitable pairs. This method is expensive but saves a lot of time and effort.

Traveling to Germany is a somewhat adventurous and romantic way to find German women. It is also expensive and requires a lot of time and effort. And basic knowledge of the language will be a positive feature. But despite all the disadvantages and inconveniences, thousands of men from all over the world visit Germany with one goal – to meet a charming local girl.

Of course, there are other opportunities to find a German lady. But the above options remain the most popular today.

German Girls For Marriage

Why German Women Are Looking For a Man on the Internet

Almost no one wants to be alone. Most girls from Germany also want to meet persons who have the same interests, share their views and be happy.

But not all people can muster the courage to get acquainted in the traditional, familiar to many ways – in person. And a typical German girl has many reasons for this too – someone thinks that she is not attractive enough and can not please the chosen man. Someone is just shy.

There are many reasons why local women search for love on the Internet. We will focus on the most common:

Of course, everyone should understand that there are fake dating sites. Such resources entice ketch users with headlines. For example, “German women for sale,” “discounts on beautiful German women,” “better price for German women,” and so on.

What Are German Women Like In Men?

Mutual love, at first sight, is usually a myth rather than a reality. Sympathy for a person does not always arise immediately. German women looking for marriage as much as any other. So, to find a wife in Germany is not as difficult as it seems. You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt, have the intelligence of Albert Einstein and the finances of Bill Gates. It is enough to be oneself. But at the same time, pay attention to the following factors:


Typical girls from Germany are attractive and sporty. But not only this attracts men from different countries. The peculiarity is their honesty, which is so lacking in many women today. In addition, they are punctual and love order in the house. German women characteristics are pretty rare nowadays. But anyone can use one of the many dating sites or marriage agencies services. It is also possible to go to Germany, but this method is quite expensive and energy-consuming.

In general, it is easy to fall in love or have a crush on German women. And the differences in culture are not an obstacle when women looking for love.

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